We have taken up several programs for the upliftment and sustainable development of the society by empowering women, farmers, rural poor & training them on natural resource management
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About Us

Chaitanya Rural Development Society(R), Shivamogga

We work towards providing a decent life to the underprivileged members to be live in society.

Chaitanya Rural Development Society is a non-profitable organization registered under the Karnataka Society Registration Act 1960 in the year 1996 in Shivamogga, grounded in social values for the care of the weaker sections of the society and to serve with a special focus on farmers and women. The organisation aims at the uplift and sustainable development of rural and urban poor, empowerment of women, through Education, Health, Environment, Watershed, Social awareness and Community-based rehabilitation programs. The Organization expertise in Farmers Producers Organization (FPO) and linkages to Women Self Help Groups(SHGs). It has well-experienced staff, board and advisers. Our Present Partners are NABARD, NABFINS, NABKISAN, NABCONS, NABFOU, GoK- Department of Agriculture, Horticulture, RDPR, ICICI and Dhwani Foundation. An active member in FEVOURD-K, VYK, VANI and NAFPO. The organisation is certified with Guide Star, Give India, Global giving and CAF.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


Sustainable Society in harmony with nature


 To be an accepted promoter with innovation and faith in humanity.  To empower the disadvantaged for a developed society.  To protect and enrich biodiversity

Our Programs


Program Aim: Microfinance for SHG in rural area Issue: Providing loans to direct beneficiaries are not possible hence, providing loans through SHG's to beneficiaries. CRDS is providing doorstep loans and guidance on proper utilization of loans.


Program Aim: Watershed program and create FPO's to create market facility for farmers. Issue: Poor underground water level, soil quality, and lack of advance agriculture & marketing knowledge. CRDS is trying to provide the maximum price to farmers produce, provide quality of seed, manure, and guidance on using of modern agriculture techniques.


Program Aim: Create FPO's to create market facility to farmers. Issue: Lack of advance agriculture & marketing knowledge. CRDS tries to provide the maximum price to formers product also provide quality of seed, manure, and guidance on using of modern agriculture techniques.

Our Activities

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Livelihood and Enterprise Development Program

On 23/10/2021 closing ceremony will organize for the completion of 10 days of training on the preparation of plates and bowls from Areca Sheets to rural women. NABARD DDM will present and provide the certificate to trainees.

Partnership with Bharatiya Jain Sanghatan (BJS)

On 19/10/2021, Chaitanya is part of a workshop which is organized on COVID Free Village to its NGO Partners by Bharatiya Jain Sanghatan at CMS Business school Bangalore, Karnataka. India.

COVID Vaccination Drive

On 29/09/2021 another round of free Vaccination Drives was organized in Karnataka state. As District COVID Nodal Agency, Chaitanya is succeeded in 50,570 people getting vaccinated in Shivamogga District.

Solid Waste Management

Chaitanya successfully completed the 2nd level of a training program on Solid waste Management for SHG Group members sponsored by MGIRED at Krushi Vignana Kendra Shivamogga.In the Closing ceremony all the trainees respected dignitaries, Resource Persons Chaitanya team members were presented and a certificate is also issued to trainees.

Women empowerment & Livelihood Activities

15 days of training on quilt design from the NABARD Micro Enterprise Development program is successfully completed by Chaitanya Rural Development Society at Kenchanaala GP, Hosanagara Taluk Shivamogga District. NABARD DDM, GP president, PDO were presented in the closing ceremony. Trainees are happy with the training program and they requested this kind of more training required to develop themselves as entrepreneurs
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COVID19 Relief Activity

The Corona Vaccine Campaign has been officially launched in the state. the District Panchayat Hall unveiled the 'Guidelines for Controlling COVID by Vaccine' by the District Minister in charge KS Eshwarappa. which is designed to make everyone understand the importance of the vaccine and its use. Guidelines for making the state free of the corona by vaccinating everyone In all districts, this guidance should be delivered to the people through the Gram Panchayat. https://youtu.be/-itYZmZwKow
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COVID19 Relief Activity

Let's join hands with us. It’s time for us to strictly abide by the rules wear masks, use sanitiser, keep social distance and get everyone vaccinated compulsory. Don’t be panic, stay safe in the home. With all these precautions and cooperation and support of all, we shall make Shivamogga a CORONA-free District. https://youtu.be/jFtSlGH2nX4
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COVID19 Relief Activity

One among the COVID Disasters, about 50 tribal families of Nelavagilu Grama Panchayat, Shikaripura Taluk of Shivamogga District- Karnataka state couldn’t get rations or to procure on their own due to their weak financial conditions. On June 06th, 2021, Chaitanya Rural Development Society and JCI Shivamogga Vivek distributed dry ration kits to these families in the presence of the Executive Officer and Panchayat Development Officer of Taluk Panchayat Shikaripura. https://youtu.be/9EGpSLAS6_Q

COVID19 Relief Activity

"Additional Deputy Commissioner addressing to the public on Covid 2nd wave, She Cautioned that CORONA is spreading rapidly and we should follow precautionary measures, maintain social distance, and start using double mask 1. Surgical mask and 2. Normal mask. Also to wash the mask daily to maintain hygiene and get compulsorily vaccinated both the doses to be protected from COVID. Don’t neglect any symptoms of CORONA, take immediate action, and consult to doctor at the earliest. The need of the hour is to follow strictly the government rules. So I request personally to give all your cooperation to completely eradicate CORONA from Shivamogga. -Anuradha. G. Additional Deputy Commissioner. Shivamogga." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYq69i0DabU

COVID19 Relief Activity

District Health & Family Welfare Department Shivamogga, Our department has taken many steps to fight against COVID19, including sample testing, identifying, admitting & caring for COVID-positive persons, and facilitating vaccination drive on high priority. We also request to give prominence to precautionary measures like always wearing masks, using sanitiser regularly, maintaining social distance, and these are our primary responsibility. Don’t get panic, get vaccinated, and stay safe in the home."Precaution is better than cure." -Dr.Rajesh Suragihalli District Health and Family Welfare Dept. Shivamogga. https://youtu.be/EYABQChpmZI
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COVID19 Relief Activity

Shivakumar K. B is District Collector of Shivamogga District has provided useful information to people on how to help relieve fears and boost their confidence. Watch this informative video and share it with someone else who can help relieve people's fear and boost people's confidence. https://youtu.be/TBhFVzYBNuA
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COVID19 Relief Activity

In this video, Dr. Goutam Board member, Institute of Medical Sciences, Shimoga is explained in simple sentences that, how we use the mask to avoid spreading the CORONA. Because of our silly errors, negligence in the proper wearing of masks, CORONA will spread rapidly. Please view, like, and share the video. https://youtu.be/YGdwdYm0hw0
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COVID19 Relief Activity

As responsible Citizens, We all have to fight together to make our Shivamogga a COVID 19 free district. With this regard, The Shimoga District Zilla Panchayat office has taken the initiative to make COVID free in rural areas for the benefit of the people. -Mrs. Vaishali M L, CEO- Zilla Panchayat, Shivamogga Share this video to make this information known to all (especially to the people in rural areas). Your cooperation is essential to reach all those involved and get benefited from it. https://youtu.be/_ac491bDs50

Resource Support Agency (RSA)

Chaitanya is RSA for 10 districts in Karnataka under NABARD and organizing Training and Capacity Building of POPI's to uplifting the credibility of FPO’s by strengthening stakeholders.


This program deals with financial linkage for Self Help Groups (SHGs) in rural areas mainly for Women. The beneficiaries are small and household businesses, small and marginal farmers, providing financial literacy, inclusion, linkages, & management to direct beneficiaries to the credit needs of the poor and needy who do not have assets/collaterals. The SHG's social collateral emerging from the group dynamics, peer pressure are leveraged to extend credit to the poor. They are utilized as a tool for credit delivery. Our initiatives are aimed at building an empowered and financially inclusive in rural India through specific goal-oriented departments which can be categorized broadly into three heads: Financial, Developmental, and Supervision. Through these initiatives, we touch on almost every aspect of the rural economy. From training handicraft artisans to providing them a marketing platform for selling these articles.

Livelihood Activities

Chaitanya is providing training and job opportunity for Women to prepare plates and bowls from areca sheets and tailoring to develop women entrepreneurship in the rural area with Financial linkages, inclusion, and management.

Natural Resources Management

Watershed management refers to the conservation; regeneration and the careful use of all the natural resources particularly land, water, vegetation, animals, and human development within the watershed. This approach is based on participatory planning following a bottom-up approach for developing a context-appropriate plan for execution. Convergence activity of awareness & implementation of agroforestry also creates awareness on renewable source of energy, Solid waste management, Rainwater harvesting.

Formation of Farmers Producer Company at Shivamogga and Davangere with NABARD & GOK WDD

It aims is create FPOs to facilitate forward and backward linkage to farmers. The targeted beneficiaries are small and marginal farmers. We provide a holistic and broad-based supportive ecosystem to facilitate the development of vibrant and sustainable income-oriented farming and for the overall socio-economic development and wellbeing of agrarian communities. Also enhance productivity through efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable resource use and realize higher returns through better liquidity, facilitate market linkages for their produce, and become sustainable through collective action. We are uplifting the credibility of FPO’s by effective capacity building to develop agriculture entrepreneurship skills to become economically viable and self-sustaining beyond the period of support from the government. As POPI’s we have promoted 15 FPO’s so far in Shivamogga and Davanagere District.

Our Impact

It is the small change that makes the biggest impact.


Board Members

Dr Regy Joseph


Sri B T Bhadrish


Smt M Jalajakshi,


Sri Vinayaka Badami


Smt Renukaraj H


Dr Sreepathi L.K.


Dr T H Gowda


Advisory Panel

Ramesh Murthy


Sabyasachi Chakrabarthy


Poornaprajna Belur


Bharathi H D


Solomon Menezes


Team Members

Chaitanya team members



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Volunteer with us for making a difference in somebody's life and also it is a good opportunity for you to give back to the society. For more information, mail us at chaithanya1996@gmail.com

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